Massage as Rewards for Costume Designers

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Life Style and Love

Massage is a simple and supportive reward and for costume designers who provide one of the most vital components in TV production. Costume designers play the important role of providing a realistic look and visual appeal for TV productions and Films. For instance, costume designers working on a historical piece like the Downtown Abbey TV series will extensively research fashion from 1912 -1926. Likewise, they will create characters’ clothing that complements the time period and provides realistic looks and mood.

In view of this, costume design requires a great deal of expertise. Costume designers should be skilled in research, advanced design skills and knowledge of costume history and modern fashion. The job is more about research and creativity than it is about fashion. They spend many hours sitting at a computer researching different time periods and characters before begging the designing process. It is, therefore, important to recognize how challenging their work is and reward their meaningful contribution to television, film and theatre industries.

Massage is a motivating reward that all costume designers will love. It has powerful effects to improve your lifestyle, raising spirits and relieving stress. Furthermore, it is advantageous for companies since costume designers who feel appreciated for their hard work will be more motivated to consistently produce excellent work.

Reduces Stress

A great costume designer’s work involves constant deadlines, learning, and research which is challenging and stressful. Having said that, high-stress levels lead to low productivity. Costume designers suffering from stress will be tired, irritable and their quality of work will be low.

Several studies have found that massage alleviates stress by reducing the level of the stress hormone Cortisol. Massage also loosens tension in the body which alleviates stress. It is a good reward for costume designers since it lowers their stress levels and improves the quality of their work.

Better General Health

Rewarding costumer designers with massage is also good for their health. Due to the challenging nature of their work, costume designers may suffer from tension related issues like back-strain, headaches, fatigue, and high blood pressure. Massage relieves these conditions and also plays a vital role in preventing them.

In addition, there is a growing body of research indicating that message strengthens the immune system. It increases white blood cells which are the body’s first line of defense against disease. Massage also relieves tension and muscle pain. If you want costume designers to be healthier, consider massage as a reward for them.


A study conducted by the Society of Atlanta School of Massage demonstrated that massage stimulates improved brain power and boost’s a person general mood. It also helps improve how we feel both emotionally and physically. Rewarding costume designers with massage boosts their morale and increases their pleasurable experiences at work.

Increased Creativity

A costume designer’s work involves a great focus on designing and creating costumes to be worn in a production. They are responsible for creating costumes that provide a realist look for any given era. That is to say, a good costume designer is required to have impeccable creativity day in, day out Massage is an excellent reward because it boosts costume designers’ creative juices. It calms them down to think clearer which helps them get better and different perspectives.