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Welcome to Dressing Downton. We focus on revamping wardrobes with the style and collections from the closets of your favorite Downton Abbey character.

What is Fashion?

Most people define fashion as the current style of dress or behavior at a particular period. Nonetheless, fashion isn’t just clothes and accessories; it includes other aspects of our regular lives, including cars, decorations, and furniture.

Fashion Then and Now

How Fashion Changes

Change is a typical characteristic of fashion. There was a time when tight-fitting jeans were the truth. However, recently, the “old-fashioned” flared jeans are back into our wardrobes.

So how do these fashion changes come to be?

Fashion doesn’t change by itself. The new cool displaces the old trends because popular cultures such as entertainment and politics influence people’s style. Like in the 1990s, hip hop made fashionable men and women adopt the casual look.

Moreover, popular films like the hit series Downton Abbey would make us dump our casual jeans and t-shirt for some high-waisted skirt and silk blouse. Ads and promotions in the fashion industry also influence what stays or leaves.

Various historical incidents may influence and alter the way people dress. During the economic explosion in the 1950s, glamour became the in-thing bringing pencil skirts to the forefront.

Nonetheless, it’s okay when these fleeting trends don’t control what goes into your cabinet. You can choose to be different; after all, fashion is a tool of self-expression. And that will never change.

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