10 Ways to Look Great In Black

The hottest color in the fashion world this season is black. Black goes with everything, it’s slimming, and you can’t go wrong with a chic pair of black heels or stilettos. But what to wear when your wardrobe doesn’t have enough black pieces? Check out these 10 ways to look great in all-black outfits! 1) […]

A Short Guide to Setting Up Your Fashion Business Online

Starting a business is one of the best ideas that anyone could ever come up with. It involves taking risks. But… Once the business grows and begins to stabilize, the profits you gain boom. It would help if you develop a good strategy to be successful at your businesses. You’ll face various challenges, hence the […]

7 Tools and Equipment for Your Fashion Business

Fashion design is the art of making clothing designs. It involves cutting patterns on fabrics, sewing, manufacturing garments, and processes of crafting. You need the right fashion design tools to impressively make clothes fast. An experienced fashion designer has all the tools needed to make beautiful clothing items. With the right tools and equipment, you […]

Which is Best for Garments, Flat Iron or Steamer?

There are different tools that can be used to straighten our garments. Straightened clothes look smart on people and therefore it is important to understand the different tools that can be used for this purpose. A flat iron and a steamer are some of the tools that can be used in straightening of clothes. Both […]

Taking Care of Your Dress When Using the Toilet

Us girls will always have a situation wherein we have to do a full dress up. Long gowns, mini gowns, maxi-dresses- You can’t wear sweats and shirts, can you? It is kind of hard to move around in dresses though. You need to wear the accompanying stuff like heels and makeup. These accompaniments are quite […]

How to dress properly in a ping pong match

Ping pong, conventionally known as Table Tennis, has been around since the Victorian Era and was first officially featured in the Olympics in 1988. It can be played by up to four people and provides both competitive and social activity. It is widely popular with the younger generations and has been famously adapted all over […]