How to dress properly in a ping pong match

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Ping pong, conventionally known as Table Tennis, has been around since the Victorian Era and was first officially featured in the Olympics in 1988. It can be played by up to four people and provides both competitive and social activity. It is widely popular with the younger generations and has been famously adapted all over the world into a party game called beer pong. It is a great activity for those looking to exercise and have fun at the same time.

Proper attire for any ping-pong match is primarily determined by the gameplay setting. In a casual setting, one can play ping pong in any attire that they feel is most comfortable. Leisurely ping pong has fewer stakes on the line and as such, the rules can be relaxed with no major consequences. Safety should still be kept paramount. A simple mishap such as stepping on a ping pong ball can lead to serious injury.
Traditionally, how to dress properly in a professional ping-pong match was mainly dictated by safety, comfort and fair sportsmanship. One could not wear long-sleeved clothing because that could interfere with the ball or paddle. Colors were regulated to ensure maximum visibility of the ball and to differentiate opponents. There were to be no distracting markings, trimmings or adornments. Socks and shoes were worn to protect from injury. There were to be no offensive prints. This standard was effective and held for many generations with little to no alteration.

Over the years, however, there has been a paradigm shift on how to dress properly in a ping pong match. The International Table Tennis Federation actively set out to revamp the somewhat dull image of ping pong. Men’s attire remained more or less the same, with few adjustments seeming to be needed. The women were strongly encouraged to wear stylish ping pong dresses. The dresses were custom-made to combine comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal. This was an idea borrowed from ping pong’s contemporaries such as tennis and volleyball, where a significant level of mass appeal is generated by the sporting outfits.

Female ping pong players supported the move, with most arguing a ping pong dress was much more comfortable and dynamic. They also lay claim to the fact that a lot of time in their day-to-day lives was spent in dresses and they were as close to natural as game attire could get. As such, ping pong dresses served both the wearer and the audience and added some much-needed excitement to a somewhat monotonous sport.
Crucial to any game of ping pong is the table. The best ping pong table should have excellent playability, be durable and easy to assemble. There should be no health hazards such as sharp pointed ends, and it should be made from high-quality materials. A precision sport, ping pong is fast-paced and a proper supporting table can make the difference between victory and loss. The best ping pong table (Visit BPPTR site for great ones) should be used in practice as well. It serves as an honest measure of individual talent and can reveal weaknesses in technique much more effectively.

The new policy on proper dressing in a ping-pong match has given eye candy to the spectators and increase the maneuverability of the competitors. This makes the ping pong experience much more enjoyable.