Kinds of


The different kinds of fashion styles help individuals feel more comfortable and confident. Moreover, through any of these styles, you can express your unique personality.


The bohemian style entails alternative, hippie and bohemian influences. Neutral, earthy color schemes and flowy apparel produced from natural fabrics, including denim and cotton, bring this style to a T.


The preppy style isn’t just for the rich. With polos worn under cable-knit sweaters, structured blazers and khakis, A-line skirts, and light-colored pants, you can knock this style off. But then, get your glasses and headbands ready.


Artsy is for the fashionista devoted to making fashion statements that are bold and unconventional. 


This style mimics fashion from the past. Usually, vintage steal its glam from the 1920s and 1970s. Flapper dresses, wide-leg trousers are some of the trends you can incorporate to create your vintage style.


Have an edgy personality? You can make fashion statements by modeling the grunge clothing style. Ripped denim, band t-shirts, and leather jackets are fashionable in this style.


Never to belong in the past – the trendy style is always evolving and has something for each season. Although it may not be economical, it spices things up a bit more.