Taking Care of Your Dress When Using the Toilet

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Us girls will always have a situation wherein we have to do a full dress up. Long gowns, mini gowns, maxi-dresses- You can’t wear sweats and shirts, can you? It is kind of hard to move around in dresses though. You need to wear the accompanying stuff like heels and makeup.

These accompaniments are quite tolerable compared to the next issue though-
But what if you need to pee?

Oh my God! This is horrible. I think about this every time I feel the urge to pee in a formal event where I am all dressed up. I am always nervous about splattering urine on my dress and ruining it.

It might also smell so there goes my date!

I can always say that you should not drink too much during a night out. You can always avoid wearing super tight-fitting dresses- but sometimes, this is not possible at all! What if you are getting married!?

I, therefore, wish to come to the rescue of every girl who loves a dress or is always attending a formal. I will answer the existential question- In a formal party, how do you take care of your dress when you need to inevitably; use the toilet?

It may sound funny, but using the toilet efficiently starts with design.

Toilets with ceramic designs that are “comfort height” in design and construction keep you comfortable, even if you squat.

These ceramic toilets are designed to simulate sitting on a chair. They are also suggested for people with back problems. Heck, it is so comfortable that you should get one for our homes too! But that is another story.

Luckily, most toilets in the hotels or events place where you are most likely wearing a dress using this type of toilet.

It would be easier to take care of your dress with these things around. These ceramic toilet designs are comfortable lifesavers! The next important factor in keeping your dress clean from nasty pee is a technique!

It might make you laugh, but there is an art to doing this darling, and I hope you practice it.

First, you should take a squatting position, similar to when you are working out.

Yes, it is quite uncomfortable, but that’s the price of beauty! And that’s why comfort height designed ceramic toilets are awesome!!

You then lift your dress up over your hips and curl it into to a ball. You should then hold the ball or excess slack material in front of your chest tightly. Afterward, pee away! Don’t take too long though. Lessen your suffering.

For long super long gowns, you can always ask a friend to hold the excess slack for you. Don’t worry, the length of the gown covers the vital parts. Lastly, you can always use some emergency goodies to help take care of your dress when you go to the toilet.
There is a product called “Bridal Buddy” that helps keep your dress in place while in sitting (squatting) on the ceramic. It works, but it is also quite bulky. You can also carry a spray on a feminine cleanser or feminine wipes. You can use these items to wipe off pee from your dress in case of an emergency.

Lastly, trust me on this- Carry an extra panty. This will be for the worst-case scenario of splattering everything all over.

I hope that this will help you when you need to go to the toilet in your next night out or formal event! Take care of your dress my friend and be beautiful in it!