What Table Tennis Can Teach Wardrobe Designers

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To be a wardrobe designer, you need to have a sense of creativity to be in line with fashion and its trends. This is a skill you acquire based on your daily activities as well as your past time or rather a hobby. Table tennis is one such activity that enhances this skill. As a wardrobe designer, you need to learn how to serve in table tennis. This also comes in handy to tailor your design to suit the various ages and fashion demands.

Look at wardrobe designers who in charge of the costumes in TV shows or movies; they need to have new outfits every day and this means that your level of mental acuity needs to be a bit higher to hit it. Table tennis is one game that helps them develop focus such that you get a designer who is specialized in specific clothing design or a multi-talented one who can make a design from scratch using a unique object as his inspiration.

Some of the reasons why wardrobe designers must play table tennis include

  • Enhances the level of concentration
  • Sharpens the designer’s brain
  • Improves the creativity levels
  • Equips them with tactical skills ideal for the industry

How are these reasons helpful to the wardrobe designers?

As long as the designer concentrates on his work then you are sure there is no repetition when it comes to getting different outfits. There are some projects that you need to make sure that you showcase a unique and perfect work every day. For example, if you are contracted to make designs for celebrities like TV queens. This means that you need to have a sharp brain to hit the right fit at that particular time.

Do you know why table tennis is called a brain game? It is due to its ability to make sure that your brain is at work at all times. This is important to make the brain alert at all times to give you a taste of what clothing is all about. Have you wondered why someone spends such a small amount but they are always smart to an extent that they get compliments like “you have a good taste” This is someone who’s brain is always at work? You can only achieve this when you also engage in activities that enhance the same skill.

This is also in line with the creativity levels, when it comes to fashion then it is your creativity that will make you control a high market share. This explains why the best global brads invest in their fashion designers to make them stay relevant in the market at all times.

Apart from just the design, you also need to have the right mind to study your market and competitors such that you have the best marketing strategy to win customers.There are many marketing strategies but not all of them will sit your business. You have to do market research and you can only make the right conclusion when you have the best mental strategy to deal with the ever-demanding market for fashion products and services.