Which is Best for Garments, Flat Iron or Steamer?

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There are different tools that can be used to straighten our garments. Straightened clothes look smart on people and therefore it is important to understand the different tools that can be used for this purpose. A flat iron and a steamer are some of the tools that can be used in straightening of clothes. Both of this has different pros and cons but the most important fact is that both methods eliminate the wrinkles from clothes. Below is an overview of the two types of methods used in straightening clothes.

The Garment Steamer
This is a tool that helps in removing wrinkles from clothes without any contact with the fabric. It uses a hot steam in order to relax and free the fibers in the garments. It involves suspending the clothes on a hanger and directing the jet of steam to the cloth. The person will then hold the steam wand at a distance from the cloth. It hence provides a smooth and attractive look without subjecting the garment to excessive heat.
They are ideal for soft and fragile fabric like silk. It minimizes the burning effect since it doesn’t come into contact with the clothes.

They are much faster than irons
They are lightweight and require little space
You will avoid burning the clothes completely as there is no contact involved
It contains an automatic shut off button that prevents it from overheating in case there is no water in the water tank.
It can be used in straightening the most delicate fabrics

A steamer does not press on the clothes and therefore does not bring out the crisp look on your garments.

A Flat Iron
This is another convenient tool that can be used for straightening clothes. It effectively sharpens the clothes and gives them a crisp look. Unlike the steamer, the flat iron can achieve the crisps lines in your clothes by pressing the clothes against an ironing board. A flat iron can be hazardous at times when left at one particular place for a long time as it can burn that part of the cloth. Ironing is also delicate when dealing with complicated types of fabrics such as suit jackets. It is easy to iron them but the problem comes when you want to eradicate wrinkles.

It sharpens the clothes perfectly and gives them a crisp look
They bring out the fresh look in clothes

Flatirons can easily damage the clothes if the person is not careful enough
It requires space for the ironing board hence taking additional space in your room
The iron board needs to be strong band durable for better results
Ironing delicate garments such as silk can also be hard It takes a lot of time compared to the steamers

Both tools are very helpful in that they help in keeping our clothes in good shape. However, according to the advantages and disadvantages listed above, the steamer stands out as the best choice. The steamer offers great advantages in safety compared to the flat iron. The best and safest way to remove wrinkles from your clothes is by using the steamer, It’s worth it.